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Liverpool, 8th November 1964

Title Run (Live)

Artist Vampire Weekend

Album Contra
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Christopher Tomson said of this track in the band’s track-by-track production notes:
"On this song, I experimented with certain rhythms that I avoided on the first record. I like how this song alternates between heavy, Rock-like choruses and reggaeton verses."
Chris Baio told Drowned in Sound:
This song really came together in the first week of rehearsals in Greenpoint in January. The big breakthrough was the drum part CT wrote for the horn choruses - he’s definitely alluding to a tradition of rock drumming there. It’s one of the biggest sounding parts we’ve ever written. When we were setting up drum mics in Avatar in New York in February I had the pleasure of ripping into that drum part. Sometimes I wish I were a rock drummer!
The horns sound brilliant in this live performance

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Matty Healy // Positivus Festival 2014


pug vs hairdryer. you’re welcome.

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You’re not a real straight boy if you’ve never fucked a football

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